life together

Life is better together.

We believe that life is better when it's lived together. When we live in fellowship with our church family, we get to share the joys of life together and carry each other's burdens. We love to get together as a church family to have fun, enjoy life, and grow in relationships. Below are just some of the activities that we do together regularly as a church. If you'd like to keep up-to-date on when these events are happening, feel free to sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

Fellowship Meals
We love to get together after the worship service for food and fellowship. Everyone brings a dish to share. Fellowship meals happen periodically throughout the year.

Family Dinners
We call these Guess Who's Coming to Dinner! When you sign up, we assign you an individual or family to host for dinner. Someone else receives your name to host. It's a great way to foster new or deeper relationships within your church family.

Outdoor Events & Sports
Outdoors activities can include things like camping, picnics, swimming, snow tubing, pick-up games, and more. Our men's and women's softball teams participate in seasonal tournaments.

Christmas Banquet
Our Christmas banquet is a special  annual event. We reflect on our year together and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Easter Sunrise Service & Breakfast
We gather on Easter morning at sunrise for a special worship service, and then share a celebration breakfast together.