greenmonte facility request

Do you have an upcoming event that you'd like to host at Greenmonte?  Baby shower.  Bridal shower.  Birthday party.  Family gathering.  We're more than happy to consider your request, giving first priority to groups and events that are Greenmonte -related.  

If you're part of the Greenmonte family,  please fill out the Facilities Use Request Form below to have it approved by a staff member for any activity that requires reserving the use of the building or the church van.   Someone will be in touch with you regarding your request. (The Facilities Use Request Form must be filled out 10 days prior to the requested  event).

Rules & Guidelines

A facilities request must be made in the name of a member or regular attendee of Greenmonte Fellowship. This person must be present at the event.

Due to Covid precautions, there will be a $50 cleaning fee to sanitize the facilities after the event. This fee must be paid at least 10 days prior to the event.  Once you have heard from us that your request is approved and the facilities reservation has been made, you can make a payment. Payment may be made on our Giving page or by writing a check to Greenmonte Fellowship and mailing to: Greenmonte Fellowship, Attention: Kim Reade, 1661 Cold Springs Rd, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477. If the event is canceled, we will refund the cleaning fee. 

Regardless of the purpose of the requested event, it is the responsibility of the contact person to see the facility returned to its original state, putting away all tables and chairs, picking up and vacuuming all litter, cleaning the kitchen and all related dishes, and disposing of trash in the dumpster located outside in the parking lot area. While there will be professional sanitizing of the facility after the event, your responsibility for cleaning up after your event still stands.
The contact person listed on the application will be deemed responsible for returning the facilities back to their original state and responsible for turning off all lights and checking/ locking all doors. Failure to do so will affect your ability to use the facilities in the future and may also incur an additional $50 fee applied to extra cleaning of the facility.  We ask that no animals other than service animals be brought inside the facility. And we request that no alcohol be brought into the facility.

Facilities Use Request Form