dear church

Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Starting November 22, 2020: A Sermon Series in the Book of Revelation

Imagine if our church received a letter from Jesus Himself. What would He say about our love for God and for one another? Or what about our endurance in trials? Faithful service? Would His words bring commendation… or correction?

Amazingly, we do, in fact, have such a letter. In Revelation, the last book of the Bible, Jesus’ words to seven churches are as relevant today as they were in the 1st century. For the next eight weeks we’ll be in a series entitled: ‘DEAR CHURCH: Seven Letters to Seven Churches’. As we read Jesus’ seven letters to seven churches we’ll learn what Jesus is saying to us, His church at Greenmonte, so that we can remain faithful even in hardship and live with hopeful hearts awaiting King Jesus’ return.  

Sunday, November 22 - Introduction
Sunday, November 29 - Dear Ephesus // Revelation 2:1-7 
Sunday, December 13 -  Dear Smyrna // Revelation 2:8-11
Sunday, December 27 - Dear Pergamum // Revelation 2:12-17
Sunday, January 3 - Dear Thyatira // Revelation 2:18-29
Sunday, January 10 - Dear Sardis // Revelation 3:1-6
Sunday, January 17 - Dear Philadelphia // Revelation 3:7-13
Sunday, January 24 - Dear Laodicea // Revelation 3:14-22